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Rise & Fly by The Barefoot Movement (Album Review)

The Barefoot Movement is a Nashville based, bluegrass band consisting of members Noah Wall, Tommy Norris, Alex Conerly, and Katie Blomarz. The band releases newest album Rise & Fly. Though the album may be short as it only includes 5 tracks, it is one to be added to your Spotify playlist. The album starts off deep and aggressive, “Early In The Morning.” The track has a distinct sound has one tapping their foot and singing along.

The album speeds up in tempo with the second track, “Doin’ Alright,” where Katie’s voice really shines as the lead vocalist. “Every Little Thing” also has Katie taking the lead with the other band members joining in for a harmonious sound. The musically talented band focuses in on the instruments in each track that blends beautifully with their voices. The track slows down in, “Lonely Mississippi Blues,” where Noah takes lead in singing with his angel-like voice. This track resembles a true bluegrass sound. Finishing the album is another slow song, “At The End Of The Day,” which is the perfect track to end with. The song may be slow, but sends a positive and powerful message.

Written by Hannah Schaeffer


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