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Shawn Price: Unburdened Through Soulful Surrender

At a time when technology and artificial intelligence increasingly threaten to infringe on a musical landscape once reserved for gifted musicians, it's a reassuring pleasure to stumble upon a performance that restores faith in the human spirit. With his latest single, "Lay Our Burdens Down," Shawn Price does just that, showcasing his richly textured voice and masterful songwriting in a warm throwback that recalls the heartfelt storytelling and organic sounds of 70s folk rock.


Price, who once captivated crowds with The Olde Souls and The Makeshift Band, has returned to his musical roots as a solo artist after taking time off the stage to focus on family. "It's been far too long since I've released new music, and I'm excited to rediscover who I am as an older, more mature artist," says Price.


Produced with the artistic guidance of Jay Alton and the masterful ear of Brian Lucey, the song is a communal creation brought to life by fellow Columbus talents, including Jeff Straw on keys, Eric Clemens on guitar, and a rhythm section consisting of Rob Mottice on drums with Patrick Long on bass. Shawn's wife, Sarah, lends an intimate harmony to the mix, creating a sound that's as personal as it is profound.


With vocals echoing the spirit of Joe Cocker and Ray Lamontagne wrapped in Price's unique soulful delivery, "Lay Our Burdens Down" feels like a musical renaissance for Price, who manages to evoke a timeless yet contemporary folk-rock sound. Through dynamic musicianship and thoughtful lyrics, Price delivers a deeply personal, though universally relatable, narrative of letting go. An homage to vulnerability and the strength found in releasing what no longer serves us, the song is a symphony of catharsis, compelling listeners to examine their own unresolved tensions and exhale them into the ether.


More than a comeback, Price's triumphant return to music is a revelation, showcasing his evolution as both a man and a musician influenced by life's tapestry of events. Drawing inspiration from the highs and lows of everyday life, the collaboration of Columbus's finest musicians imbues the record with genuine authenticity and character, channeling the shared humanity of its creators. A must-listen for anyone who finds solace in music, "Lay Our Burdens Down" is a sonic pilgrimage to the heart of the human experience and a welcomed reminder that, sometimes, the best way to hold on to ourselves is by letting go.


Reviewed by Michael Scanlon


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