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Ringo Starr To Release Country Album

The 83-year-old Beatles drummer reportedly said in a video recently posted to social media that he has a country music album on the way.

“I’m still in the studio, and you know what’s happening?” Starr said. “I was gonna do a … country EP, but as things are unfolding, it’s probably going to be like a real CD. Ten tracks.

Can you believe it? I haven’t done one of them in a long time. “So that’s getting made ready.”

But the country music album is not the only thing Starr has been grinding away on. He is also apparently working on a four-track EP, titled “Cooked Boy,” along with producer and songwriter Linda Perry.

“She wrote the songs for me,” Starr said. “She produced them. She’s a beauty. So musical. She has a great vibe. Peace and love, Linda.”

And if that was it, that would be plenty for an 83-year-old to have on his slate. But Starr also said he plans to hit the road with additional tour dates for his All Starr Band.

He said they will get back out on the road starting in May and into June.

“And if you can’t make those dates, in September-October we’re on tour again,” he said. “So, it’s gonna be a great year.”


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