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Dave Lebental Unleashes "The Long Player"

To those unfamiliar with Dave Lebental, a first listen might have them questioning whether they’ve heard him before. He sounds familiar, like a blend of classic artists that everyone knows such as Tom Petty and Brian Setzer, yet he stands out from the rest. His song “Not Too Old For That” proves that after returning from a 25 year musical hiatus, he is in fact not too old for the digital age. His eleven song album “The Long Player” features a number of singles he’s been trickling out to fans since 2022. Each one feels comfortable yet new, and are drenched in classic Americana vibes. Each track brings a different atmosphere to the table, from rocking songs like “My Heart’s on Fire" to the meditative “Painted Desert Sky”.

Lebental has done an excellent job of writing songs that capture experiences almost every listener is familiar with. Covering love, heartbreak, and the monotony of life grasps the hearts and minds of fans. These songs are pushed by captivating acoustic riffs, tasteful horn lines, and scalding guitar solos. Not only this, but Lebental has a rock solid rhythm section that supports him and the rest of the band through every song. The opening track “I’m Not Too Old For That” features an acoustic riff right off the bat that is an instant ear worm. In the first few seconds, Lebental’s music has embedded itself in your head, and by the time the band comes in it’s fully taken over your psyche.

The album has listeners conjure up an image of Route 66. While listening, it is easy to imagine oneself on a journey through America passing through a lone desert landscape. The song “Bring It Around” has a big, cinematic sound that allows listeners to lose themselves in their imagination. It harkens back to classic American Blues, Rock, Country, and Folk with Chet Atkins Style guitar on “No One Else Can Do It” but harder hitting sounds, outlaw country sounds on “Next Train Out of Town” that are reminiscent of Waylon Jennings. One can clearly hear how Lebental has a certain musical sensibility and maturity that one only acquires with time. His songs tell stories, without being overly indulgent or showy. Lebental is an excellent storyteller that has created an album that tells a number of tales that have been collected through his years. If it took a twenty five year hiatus to achieve this sensibility, then it was well worth the wait.

Overall, Lebental has done an excellent job with this album. With its new yet familiar sound, approachable lyrics, relatable content, and musically impressive content it can appeal to a wide audience. Lebental and his band have made a great piece of work that pays great tribute to their influences and reflects their journey towards this piece of work. Lebental has earned the following he has, and should expect to earn many more following this album.

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Reviewed by Noah Rozzell


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