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Blues is Back: "Lush" by Lauren Glick

Take a listen to the first minute or so of Lauren Glick’s new album, Lush, and you’ll be transported back to the bluesy style of the mid 1900s. According to her own website, if we were back in the 40’s or 50’s, Glick would be called a “Blues Belter”-- and we can see why, with her powerful vocals taking center stage on this new album. Glick has been writing and performing since 1992, but since her 2017 album gained fame, she has been on an upwards climb, with records achieving national recognition and radio play worldwide. Let’s take a look at her upcoming latest release, “Lush.”

The first song on the album, “Don’t Add Up,” begins with a bluesy beat and a jazzy electric guitar riff. Soon after, Glick’s voice joins in, with her powerful blues style, and incredible range. Some piano is featured soon afterwards, and some big-band brass, giving us a gorgeous song that somehow sounds perfectly full while still being simplistic. Glick sounds almost improvisational with many of the notes and lyrics, and it’s impressive to imagine her belting this song out live.

The next song “I’m Onto You” throws us in right away with a catchy electric guitar riff and a rock-inspired instrumental track. Even Glick’s voice seems to lean a little rock n’ roll here, with her lower gravelly tones making an appearance, and the electric guitar being featured heavily throughout. After the first chorus, however, we’re treated to Glick’s classic belting notes, giving that always-appreciated burst of blues and soul. This chorus, with Glick’s beautiful lower tones and harmonies, takes this song to one of the top positions on the album for us. Fans of blues-rock fusion will definitely appreciate this one, and even those who lean towards country or soul can find something to like in this track.

Glick brings us “Little White Lies” next, with her sultry voice starting us off alongside some piano. After this slower intro, we’re brought into the song with some rocking electric guitar chords. Glick’s voice takes the lead, and the guitars and drums let her have the melodies throughout. Afterwards we have “Love and Peace,” which we can imagine a blues club playing towards midnight to hype up the crowd.

Next up, Glick gives us a completely different mood with “Living in Pain.” We get to look a little at the dark side of Glick’s life, with a melancholy piano melody leading the way alongside her bittersweet vocals. This song doesn’t hit any less hard than her upbeat songs, and it’s amazing to see Glick’s duality with this strong track.

Glick closes us off a few songs later with “Perfectly Capable.” This song starts off strong with Glick’s voiceover over a strong bluesy guitar and piano melody. Then, we get some strong lyrics about how seemingly Glick’s love interest is “perfectly capable” of doing simple tasks by himself, and how she feels she’s better off “going back to what [she’s] accustomed to”. This song ties up the album into a neat little bow, with that jazzy electric guitar, Glick’s belting voice, and a heavy-hitting drum beat. There’s also a super interesting “backup” vocal during the chorus, with some harmonies that really bring out the gorgeous melody Glick has created here.

Overall, we are so glad to see that Glick’s love for singing and songwriting has rocketed her into a successful music career. “Lush” is a unique and entertaining blues record that we’re sure will help her continue her upwards climb. We look forward to seeing what she comes up with next!

The new album "Lush" is available for sale and streaming May 19, 2023 at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other fine retailers.

Reviewed by Zoe Wynns


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