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You Hear Georgia- Blackberry Smoke

The moment the album starts you can hear the rock and roll influences Blackberry Smoke uses in nearly every song. Reminiscent of a new-school Lynyrd Skynyrd in both musical sound and the sheer size of the group, You Hear Georgia is a great addition to Blackberry Smoke’s body of work.

“Live It Down” kicks the album off with a bone shaking guitar riff and carries that tone on throughout the song, along with much of the album. If you’ve ever wondered how KISS turned country would sound then “All over the Road” is the song for you in this project. It’s rare to hear such an organic blend of genres but Blackberry Smoke does it well.

The features on the album couldn’t be more different. “Lonesome for a Livin” featuring Jamey Johnson is the rare return to the old, classic country sound. With whining guitars and slow drums, it sounds like it could come from the 60’s or 70’s. On the other hand, “All Rise Again” featuring Warren Haynes sounds like a mixture of Red-Hot Chili Peppers and Luke Bryan. But both are done masterfully.

You Hear Georgia is a great album. With no two songs sounding quite the same, it provides a wide range of listening while keeping the same country rock theme. It’s not everyday you hear a group be able to blend sounds so well, but also producing a coherent sound that isn’t too much. Blackberry Smoke did a wonderful job.

Written by Harrison Goff


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