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The Dixie Chicks Return to Country Music with New 'Gaslighter' Video

The Dixie Chicks are certainly back! The trio, made up of Natalie Maines, Emily Robison and Martie Maguire, just dropped their fresh out of the box new video, "Gaslighter." The tune is the introduction single and title track of their upcoming new collection, denoting their arrival to down home music following a 14-year hiatus, with their previous album, Taking the Long Way, which was released back in 2006.

The video for "Gaslighter" shows bits from vintage TV shows and motion pictures, alongside the Dixie Chicks playing out the song. "Gaslighter" was co-composed by Jack Antonoff (of Bleachers and fun), who wound up creating the whole new album. "At the time we thought we were going to compose with a lot of various individuals and get various makers," Robison told Zane Lowe on Apple Music. "We composed with [Antonoff] and we're similar to, 'He needs to create it and this should be the sound for this collection,' 'cause it was simply – he overwhelmed us."

"Gaslighter" wound up being the impetus for the whole record, albeit none of the Dixie Chicks individuals fundamentally expected that at the time. "The sound that was taking care of business, however like Emily stated, it began with that 'Gaslighter' sound and afterward it was simpler to sort of complete the entire sounds once you sort of had that lead song." ​

The Dixie Chicks' Taking the Long Way became a No. 1 collection, in spite of the fact that "Not Ready to Make Nice" was the main melody that outlined. The trio withdrew from the spotlight and chipped away at a couple of solo tasks, before rejoining to being taking a shot at what wound up turning out to be Gaslighter. The Dixie Chicks have been working on Gaslighter for two years. The record is booked to be released to retail on May 1. Download "Gaslighter" and pick up their collection by visiting their website.


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