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“Too Close to the Border” — The Genre-Fusing Album by an Americana Band to Watch

Since being launched in 2018, Broken Heart University has been a musical project inspired by the music of America– from country, to rock-n roll, to folk and blues. They’ve found fans around the world who are eager to hear more of that unique mix of American-centric genres that makes BHU special. Luckily for them, late last year BHU gave them what they wanted and released a brand-new album titled “Too Close to the Border”. Let’s take a look at what makes this album such a great addition to the band’s discography.

“Too Close to the Border” kicks off with “Banditos in Our Minds,” which pays homage to its title with a Western riff that starts us off and carries on throughout. Ashley Fayth is the soulful, folksy voice of this band, and she gives us a strong start with her swinging verses on this song. The chorus is unique and catchy, with Ashley’s layered vocals kicking it up a notch. We can clearly hear the songwriting of Tony Batty, the creator of all the band’s lyrics and concepts, with the unique melancholy Western feel of these words.

Next on the album, BHU brings us “Expecting Rain,” a song which has a unique clash of lyrics and music. Some lyrics include “I’ve got no expectations so I’m never disappointed” and “I don’t believe in happiness” and they continue on the theme of never expecting anything good to happen to the songwriter. This is an interesting juxtaposition to the upbeat keys, the blues-esque fiddle line, and the general upbeat tone. This contradiction is something that folk and blues tends to do very well– the lyrics could be talking about the most heart-wrenching topic you’ve ever heard of, and the song sounds like you could be dancing at a club in the country. It works well here, and brings us a bit of hope even with the downcast words.

Next up we’ve got a truly melancholy song with “Loveless by the Sea”. We love hearing the keys, played by Jack Beacall, take a larger role here, with a beautiful piano line complimenting Ashley Fayth’s voice nicely. “The Girl and the Town” takes us in a wistful direction, as we get some themes of coming home, and the love that comes for your hometown. This is our personal favorite song for Fayth’s vocals– her voice really shines with the sweeping verse lines that show off her range.

We have BHU’s title track of the album next, “Too Close to the Border”. This song is a great combination of all the unique elements we’ve heard from the band so far. We have Fayth’s beautiful vocals, the folksy guitar that’s rocked by Fayth and Chris Harvey, a beautiful piano line in the background, and of course the gorgeous songwriting by Tony Batty that makes everything created by this band so special. We are so excited to hear about BHU’s rise in popularity and creation of more beautiful albums. We look forward to following their career path and rise to even more fame in the years to come.

Reviewed by Zoe Wynns


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