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The Rise of Tesla's Music Sound of a V8 Mustang

TESLA has built a notorious reputation for a singular reason: their ability to deliver a high-octane, 100% live, kick-ass rock and roll experience during their concerts! The essence of this extraordinary energy has been perfectly captured in FULL THROTTLE LIVE, recorded during their unforgettable performance at the renowned Sturgis Bike Rally in 2022. Taking the stage at a legendary saloon known for hosting exhilarating motorcycle rock and roll parties, TESLA was inspired to unleash an even more intense and heavy show.

What makes this live album truly exceptional is the fact that it was independently recorded, mixed, and produced by the band's very own bassist, Brian Wheat, and guitarist, Frank Hannon. This hands-on approach ensures that the album authentically captures TESLA in their purest and most honest form. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing journey as you dive into the raw power and unfiltered passion of TESLA's live performance, immortalized in FULL THROTTLE LIVE.

Guitarist Frank Hannon and bassist Brian Wheat have taken on the roles of independent recording, mixing, and production for this exceptional live album. Titled as such, the album presents TESLA in their purest and most genuine form. Going beyond their usual repertoire, the band delves into their roots by including a live rendition of the 1974 AEROSMITH hit "S.O.S. (Too Bad)" as a bonus track.

The selection of heavier tracks on this album encompasses fan favorites such as "Miles Away" and more recent hard-hitting releases like the aforementioned "Time To Rock!" and "Cold Blue Steel". Fear not, as the album also captures the essence of old TESLA classics, including "Changes" and "Lazy Days, Crazy Nights". Each recording showcases TESLA at their absolute best—delivering an unrelenting, full-throttle live experience that leaves no stone unturned.

In my Personal opinion the first song in the album is beyond important! It shows just who the band is and what their statement is about their album. “Miles Away” proves just how they are able to rock the tables! With hard hitting drums, A heavy Guitar right in your face with aggression. The song turns almost into a ballad with such a nice mix of both blends of hard rock and soft rock. “Miles Away” has been a song that I personally go back to shed a tear thinking about guns n roses and have a drink to. The guys made the decision to release this song as the first single because it embodies the harder, heavier sound of Tesla and the new live album," states a statement on the band's Bandcamp page. Full Throttle Live is now available for preorder, offering fans an opportunity to experience the band's dynamic performance. In a recent interview with VWMusic, Wheat was asked about the band's plans for creating more studio music. He explained that while they are currently working on another track set for release in the summer, their focus has shifted as they progress in their career. Wheat acknowledged that crafting a full album demands a significant amount of time and effort.

At this stage, their main priority is delivering exhilarating live performances, which they cherish as seasoned musicians. He hinted that in the future, when the band may be unable to tour extensively, they may redirect their energy towards studio work. However, for now, they prefer to dedicate their time to connecting with their fans through captivating live shows.

During a recent interview with Metal Edge, Hannon shared his thoughts on the electrifying experience of "Full Throttle Live." He emphasized that the album is a pure representation of their live performance, recorded entirely during the renowned Sturgis Bike Rally—an event cherished by the band. The rally combines the elements of motorcycles, rock music, and an abundance of vibrant energy. Hannon expressed their deep affection for the rally and the remarkable night they performed, where they unleashed their fiery passion. With this album, they believe they have captured that exceptional moment—a surge of energy like lightning trapped in a bottle.

Additionally, Hannon revealed that the album includes a bonus track, "S.O.S. (Too Bad)," an AEROSMITH classic that might be unfamiliar to many listeners. This exciting addition adds further intrigue to the record, showcasing TESLA's ability to revive and reimagine timeless rock gems.

Commencing their journey in Texas in January, the band is set to captivate audiences with their iconic hard rock sound and mesmerizing stage presence. As the tour unfolds, Tesla's schedule will be packed with exhilarating performances, ensuring that fans from all corners have the chance to witness their unparalleled brilliance live.

Following months of thrilling shows, Tesla will ultimately make their way to Las Vegas for an extended residency during the autumn season. These special shows will offer a unique opportunity for fans to experience the band's electrifying music in an intimate and exclusive setting. Prepare for an unforgettable encounter as Tesla takes the stage in Las Vegas, bringing their raw energy and captivating performances to new heights.

So what are you doing! Go and buy yourself the next Tesla ticket and experience the madness of the crowd and energy of the music for yourself in person!

Reviewed by Roman Romero


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