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The New Album "Kingdom in My Mind" by The Wood Brothers Album Review

The Wood Brothers
The New Album "Kingdom in My Mind" by The Wood Brothers Album Review

The Wood Brothers’ newest studio album Kingdom in My Mind will have you wanting to sit around a campfire nodding your head, jamming out with friends to these backwoods, folk tunes. The Wood Brothers, featuring Chris and Oliver Wood and Jano Rix, bring back simpler times in the 11-track album, and one cannot help but feel in a good mood when listening along.

The album opens up with a soulful story of a women from Alabaster, Alabama. The track named “Alabaster” is a song that gives a relaxed, bluesy vibe but has a very catchy chorus. A personal favorite “jitterbug Love,” might be the reason the album is named Kingdom in My Mind as the chorus in the song states “There’s a kingdom in my mind where I find you all the time.” Either way, it’s a great sing along tune. Track “Cry Over Nothing” has a gospel, feel good sound that gives a powerful sense to the audience. The Wood Brothers add a little rock to their album in “Don’t Think About my Death” as the track includes a distinct guitar and fast pace.

In the track, “Little Bit Broken,” the brothers definitely spread the truth that everyone is a little bit broken, admitting they are too. The lyrics provide a strong message to the audience as it expresses that it is alright to be a little bit broken. Though usually a song about being broken could usually be pointed out as a sad song, this is quite the opposite. After finishing this track, you can find yourself listening to “The One I love,” which takes you back in time as a harmonica plays soothingly in the background.

Towards the end of the album, the Wood Brothers give two versions of the track “Little Blue,” where a 59 second reprise song has been added on for that extra boost of happiness before finishing the album. Personally, Kingdom in My Mind comes highly recommended.

Written by Hannah Schaeffer


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