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The Comeback of Zac Brown Band

Everyone loves a good comeback story. In this case, Zac Brown Band welcomes back the past with a fun, fiery return to traditional roots. The Comeback is the Grammy-award-winning band’s feel-good soundtrack for the summer and fall seasons. Apart from its name of returning to the old style of banjo riffs and fiddle dances, The Comeback takes a personal feel of healing a nation.

Fans and country music lovers are, no doubt, familiar with the radio jam of the year “Same Boat”. This tropical island theme is a fun, loving campfire track that puts easy vibes out. Its similarity to one of their best penned hits, “Chicken Fried”, makes the song memorable for all the right reasons. A story of going through the same issues of life and being in it together with everyone else are harkening. But its no surprise how catchy melodies and storybook lyrics are synonymous with this band. Especially after a 10-year run on the charts. Deep diving into this track opens how this record personalizes each track to the fans. As Zac Brown has stated, “This music is about standing together and rediscovering our roots and what makes us feel human. We feel incredibly blessed to be back on the road again, sharing these new songs with our fans. The only good thing about getting knocked down is The Comeback when it comes back around.”

Whether you’re falling in love with the nation, your significant other, your boat or just anything in general, “Slow Burn” describes the feeling of love perfectly. Its compilation of love stories and personal touches bring such a rush to a track that makes you look back on your first crush. If you find it hitting close to home, then you’ll know this band did what they do best. But having just the lyrics won’t do the track any justice. The music and composition flow so well interweaving new generation sounds with an old school feel to it. Kicking it off as an opener just makes the album too sweet to move on to the next track just yet. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to replay this soother repeatedly.

Love is something that this band knows best, and they continue the trend for the fall time passions. But we see a slower turn in the acoustic driven “Stubborn Pride”. If fans aren’t looking to cry just yet, then you might want to take a few moments to regain composure before listening to this track. Looking at it from the outside, this middle of the road track is just a slow groove of acoustic bliss. When listening to it further, the track is a restless spirit that unleashes a bluesy jazz wave of love. Brown’s raw vocal talents are matched by a master of the electric blues, Marcus King, who powers his “pride” with an impassioned solo. With “true love” as a main focus, it’s easy to get wrapped in the story of a penniless man finding a carefree woman to settle with. But a restless spirit brings the track and the lovers together with vivid lyrics that keeps a heart beating on.

Wrapping up the project in a quick hear beat, “Don’t Let Your Heat” is a complete list of good advice when falling in love. Of course, it’s easy to fall in love or get caught up in the music when you don’t notice the band trying to be your wingman. As it drones on “Don’t let the dark shade your shine/ Gotta lose yourself sometimes/ and dance out in rain/ When the world has gone insane/ Learn to make some lemonade/ Don’t you let it slip away/ Don’t let your heart let go of love babe.” Easily, anyone can tell this group knows a thing or two about love. But the whole-heartedness of making others prevail through hardships is what the group thrives on.

In 15-tracks, Zac Brown Band delivers another potential classic that’s filled with inclusions from other Grammy-award-winning artists. Among that is the co-writing talents of Luke Combs who adds his flair to a couple tracks. The wake of summer brought airplay to a top 10 hit, “Same Boat”, that still stands currently. But with its full release, fans, both new and old, can appreciate and cherish life’s moments after a tumultuous year. With anticipation for a new wave of live shows, this album shows that it’s a comeback for us all who are ready for Zac Brown to reel in the good times.

Written by Trenton Luber

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