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Texas Blues Rocker Clay Melton Releases Red Hot Blistering New EP

Today Watchtower Entertainment announced the hot new extremely soulful blues rock EP featuring blues rocker Clay Melton titled “Back To Blue”. The five song compilation contains four originals plus an incredible tribute track that absolutely gets it done: “Jesus Just Left Chicago” (track 5). The title track “Back To Blue” (track 1) is an emotionally charged slow blues number which presents the artist’s gritty soulful down home sound while at the same time showcases his remarkable crisp and clear lead guitar work. Both musical attributes reminiscent of the original Southeastern Texas and Southern Louisiana sound. “Say That You Love Me” (track 3) is an over the top driving blues rock number that reveals the deep desire in a man’s heart as he pleads with his girl to once again say that you love me. The song’s lyrics begin with “My girl got me acting like a fool” which immediately reveals Melton’s heart felt emotion while his blistering guitar work reinforces the narrative.

“Back To Blue” the EP is a multi-city production with engineering (tracks 1,2,5) being handled by lifetime Grammy member and engineer Danny Jones in Katy Texas, five time Grammy winner for sound Malcolm Harper (track 3) recorded live at White Oak Music Hall Houston, and Sebastian Cure in Austin handles the mixing on tracks 3 & 4.

Regarding the mastering: track 3 Kevin Butler also in Austin plus Nick Landis tracks 1,2,4, & 5.

Performers on “Back To Blue”: Clay Melton - Guitar and Vocals, Zach Grindle - Drums & Percussion, Raymon Minton - Bass on tracks 3 & 4, Dan Smith - Bass on tracks 1,2, & 5, Billy Justineau - Organ & Wurlitzer, Danny Jones - Tambourine tracks 1 & 2

Retail release date - July 23rd (pre-orders accepted)

Management & Avails: Jack Melton at

Official Website: - Social Media - @claymeltonmusic

Photos courtesy of John in Houston PR LLC


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