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Tennessee Outreach and Tornado Clean-Up

In the wake of the second most deadly tornado in Tennessee’s history, many folks are coming together to help alleviate the suffering of the people and animals that have been affected by the disaster. A week after the initial event, many are still left without power, work, homes, not to mention those that lost their lives and loved ones. In the face of tragedy, people often show their strength and love by coming together in supportive community. Here are some examples of outreach efforts:

For those looking for housing:

Number one on this list is Airbnb, since they are organizing with hosts in the area who will give temporary housing to folks free of charge. This will be available until March 24th.

Many hotels, including JW Marriott and Moxy Nashville Vanderbilt, are offering discounted hotel stays as well.

For animals displaced:

The Nashville Animal Humane Society is helping by providing supplies from food to blankets for those that have animals and have been affected. As well, many animals were lost during the tornado and the humane society is increasing resources for search and rescue of these missing pets.

Miranda Lambert reminds fans “Mutt Nation" and I are supporting their efforts and appreciate y’all doing anything you can to help fur babies in need, too!!.” You can find more information on Mutt Nation and their fundraising for animals affected by the disaster.

Agape Animal Rescue is also offering folks that need help with temporary lodging for their pets while their humans find permanent and stable new living situations.

For those that need employment:

Many folks have lost their employment because of the businesses that were destroyed.

Anzie Blue, a coffee shop focused on wellness, is offering folks temporary employment. Email

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development is helping eligible workers with temporary relief for those that have lost their jobs.

For volunteer opportunities:

There are many opportunities to donate money, time, or supplies. There are also businesses that are donating some or all proceeds to relief effort. Here is a list of some of these opportunities.

Hands on Nashville has opportunities to donate time or money to the effort of rebuilding the city.

The Onsite Foundation offers the very important, but often overlooked resource of grief counseling for those struggling to cope with the devastation.

To find a list of places giving up to 100% of proceeds of sales go to The Nashville Guru.

Nashville has shown that they will come together in support and won’t be crushed by this tragedy. If you are looking for relief or to aid in giving relief, there are a staggering number of initiatives and these are just a few opportunities available.

Article by Lex Voytek


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