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Tanya Tucker: Live From The Troubadour

During her lifetime, Tanya Tucker had not only achieved but maintained a level of success not many could obtain. After becoming a star at the young of 13, Tucker notched over a dozen Top Country Songs and several platinum records. Her high-profile life and professional success landed Tucker into the hearts of millions along with two Grammy awards. Over five decades of touring hasn’t worn her out as she releases her latest album Live from the Troubadour.

An ode to her fans and the concert venues that helped a teenager grow to become one of the most influential female artists in country. The legendary Los Angeles club serves as the backdrop for the incredible event. The 15-track album features the greatest hits of Tucker’s career with an inclusion of some of her newest songs.

The live album is opened up with the museful “Would You Lay With Me In A Field Of Stone”. A fan favorite which Tucker uses to show off the same poise and grace in her voice as she did during its in 1974. Her opener silences what was a raucous crowd which crescendos into a thunderous roar of appreciation for the singer. Tucker’s soft vocals and trance-like arrangement echo her past performances as a young girl who sung of adult issues. Now, Tucker adds a new presence to the track as a matured woman who still brings out a youthful attitude onstage.

After a round of powerhouse performances from her cache of hit songs, Tucker adds some flair to something. As an artist, she idolized Johnny Cash and had a soft spot for Bruce Springsteen in her younger years. She honors both artists with an unforgettable medley rendition of “I’m on Fire/Ring of Fire”. Tucker exasperates the same style and enunciation that made both legends recognizable. Backed by a lively horn section, she flows between each song with the change being noticeable in her voice. Tucker’s flawless control in her voice makes the track memorable as she transforms herself from Springsteen to Cash instantly.

During the latter stages of her career, Tucker’s personal and professional life intertwined which left rumors of a career slow-down. However, she quickly dispelled the gossip with the 2019 release of the universally acclaimed While I’m Livin’. She includes the Grammy award winning track “Bring My Flowers Now” into the live album after a brief interlude. The ballad shift recognizes the quick flashback of Tucker’s 10-year hiatus in between albums. The singer changes the tone of her voice with a haunting piano accompaniment as she reflects over her youth.

Through every end leaves a new beginning and Tucker uses the metaphor to come full circle. When Tucker performed “Delta Dawn” on The Tonight Show her career had skyrocketed into the stratosphere. Here, she fleshes out those memories with a somber take on the epitome Amazing Grace which transform into the main track. As she closes the album with “Delta Dawn”, Tucker lets the band carry on with the track before being lost in the applause.

A storybook career that’s seen its share of challenges all culminate into the emotions of a live setting. Tucker’s album full of commanding performances of generational classics prove that she’s still a top-class artist. But its her heart that shines brighter than the timeless hits from the singer’s career. After a tumultuous year for the concert industry, Tucker sends the album out as a love letter to her fans. As she gives back to the ones who shaped her life, Tucker brings back what made The Troubadour the cornerstone venue for legendary artists.

Written by Trenton Luber


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