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Soul – Eric Church

Self-proclaimed “wrong side of the track kid” Eric Church is back with his classic southern rock & roll sound the world has came to know. With his new album Soul, Church once again proves he is a true staple in the country music industry.

Church’s music has always been known to blend different genres, whether it be rock, country or soul and blues. It’s evident from the first song that this album would be no different. “Rock & Roll Found Me” starts Soul off with a life story only Eric Church could spin into a hit song.

Despite only being nine songs long, Soul has a little bit of something for everyone. “Bright Side Girl” is slow and meaningful with still keeping Church’s classic sound, while “Break It Kind of Guy” and “Look Good and You Know It” are what you’re typically looking for in an Eric Church album.

With Church’s gifted blending of sounds, Soul is a pleasure to listen to no matter what genre you are a fan of. Soul is not just a standalone album; it is only one-third of the trilogy Heart & Soul. If you enjoy this album, I highly recommend listening to all the parts, as they complement each other perfectly. With this project, Eric Church once again claims his spot among country royalty.

Written by Harrison Goff


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