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Scott and Sabrina Share Tales of Defiant and Tender Love

You could probably write a book the size of a city about all the things the Beatles did right, but in the end it's one of their more simpler statements that will always stick and stay true: All You Need is Love. The idea of love has driven many a musician, with multitudes of songs penned about love that’s doomed, complicated, flourishing or only yearned. Scott and Sabrina’s newest album Blessed follows this tradition, but in turn also subverts it, giving us a look into their own personal love that has endured through hardship and strife. You can tell just by listening to these tracks that the duo has been through a lot together, and more importantly you’ll be keyed into a love that’s holding steadfast, one that won’t break no matter how much the world attempts to tear everything apart.

For context: Scott and Sabrina are a musical duo currently based in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, where they frequent the local venues playing their own material and some covers. The both of them share vocal duties, trading off lead and harmonizing together, along with the both of being multi-talented musicians in their own rights as well. According to an article posted in Lake Havasu Living Magazine, the duo met originally in Oregon, moving to their new home in 2021 in order to escape a dire situation. These details may seem insignificant to an outsider, but it's important to mention here because of how much it shapes their music, how their own personal story is continually being told through lyrics about fighting against the odds and pulling through to be closer together.

Blessed is Scott and Sabrina’s first studio album together, with all 6 songs on the album being original material penned by the pair. Like previously mentioned, tracks like the intro ‘Kiss You Forever’ are testaments to the duo’s enduring love for one another, with heartfelt affirmations being enveloped in bright backing instrumentation and soaring riffs on guitar. Other songs, like the following ‘Runaway,’ still keep that bright background while opting instead to focus on feelings of resilience and escape, enduring while others try to tear them down. With these two main themes throughout the album, Scott and Sabrina also take many opportunities to diversify their sound as well. There’s shades of pop and rock across most of the songs on this album, complimenting the overall country roots, and there’s even a great hip-hop feature on the song ‘Soulmate’ here, provided near the end by rising artist Carston. Overall Scott and Sabrina utilize these themes and genre fusions to the best of their ability, providing a bold new sound to the landscape of modern country music.

Unfortunately, with all these positives there is one negative. The production on this album needs just a little bit more work, with some parts being either buried in the mix or sometimes out of time with the others. It’s a minor note on an otherwise great debut album though, and for the most part it's hardly noticeable when you’re chewing on the band’s harmonies and sonic textures. On Blessed Scott and Sabrina have shown both a lot of promise and their own personal tenacity, proving that they’re a name to watch out for and an act that won’t give up the ghost anytime soon. If you’re ever in Lake Havasu, I highly recommend that you seek out one of their performances, but if you won’t be in the area anytime soon don’t worry! I very much believe that Scott and Sabrina will bless us with a tour sometime soon.

Written by Nick Snow


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