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Paramore is Back and Better than Ever with “This is Why”

Paramore has always been known for their catchy alternative and indie style music. This fun new album will make you feel like you are going back in time and enjoying the early 2000s pop rock for the first time. The album also has a mix of todays pop style that has their own signature sound to it. This is an iconic album for the group and great way for them to introduce new music after years since their last album release. “This is Why” songs are all about the strong emotions of revenge, karma, and love. These songs are very relatable and express the human emotional experience.

The album starts off with its title “This is Why.” It is about feeling different from everyone else and saying why it is important to voice your opinions, even if they are not popular to everyone. The groups lead singer Haley Williams is expressing a lot about her own personal feelings with the public and not being listened to or understood. In this song she is finally stands up for herself and expressing the importance of being heard and not shut down for what you believe in. It has a very passionately sung chorus and the lyrics hold so much meaning behind it all.

Songs like “You First” and C’est Comme Caare your classic punk rock. If you enjoy songs that make you feel unstoppable and fearless, then these songs are for you. There is so much drive and power throughout these melodies and lyrics. “You First” is about karma and how it will eventually fall on those who have be doing others wrong. Paramore reflects that understanding of karma and expresses as well as acknowledges their wrong doing in situations, but hopes that the karma will be distributed to others first. “C’est Comme Ca”” is a song about letting revenge be the one thing that keeps you going. The song title itself is a French phrase translated to “that’s just how it is.” The song explains that it is not the healthiest way to live, but it’s what pushes them to go through every day and creates progression in their life. Simply said it’s not great, but it’s just the way it is.

As we gear towards the end of the album the listener will be in a more vulnerable state listening to songs like “Crave.” The song expresses the desire to go back in time to live in the moment of being so in love with someone. Between its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics, it is a song for all the romantics out there. Everyone has that the one person, who even if there were bad times, the good times were the best of your life. You can feel strong cravings to go back to those wonderful memories. It is a beautifully written song with clear transparency of its meaning and the music reflects it well.

This 10-track album will be an easy add to your play list. Everyone can find a song in this album that they can relate to. It is album that makes you feel powerful and yet vulnerable at the same time while listening. Paramore is now better than ever because of this new album and there will be nothing but positive things for them ahead in the music world. “This is Why” has everything you could ask for in an alternative rock album.

Reviewed by Katie Melching


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