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Old Tom & The Lookouts Aim to Bring Listeners “Alive” with New Self-Worth Anthem

Old Tom & The Lookouts continue their conversation on mental health in their new single “Alive” releasing on September 23. A melodious, folksy soundscape accompanies the vocals of band member Alex Calabrese as he sings about self-worth - saying, “it’s hard to know if I’m alive, slinging sorrow like we’ll never die”. Discussing the tumultuous relationship one might face with finding fulfillment and purpose and one's self-worth within their community, “Alive” brings to light how difficult the journey to understanding your purpose may be. “How we see ourselves and how the world sees us can be so different, and navigating those anxieties can feel like a constant uphill battle,” says Calabrese.

The Boston-based Indie-Folk band is known for creating hopeful, evocative music about mental health. The lyrically driven project is shared through the lens of writer and singer, Alex Calabrese and violinist Cecilia Vacanti. With their combined efforts the two provide a minimalist tone, accompanied by lush string arrangements, witty and brooding lyrics, soulful melodies, and striking harmonies. Musically, “Alive” continues showcasing those musical strengths with an anthemic-like rhythm that is buoyed by the driving string arrangements of traditional folk instruments. Paying homage to influences such as Frightened Rabbit, Phoebe Bridgers, and Tom Waits, yet capturing a new voice within the Indie-Folk genre, the band’s full record, Just for Beasts, (November 4th) is a concept piece centered around finding community, a sense of self-worth, and finding a healthy and sustainable way to love and support yourself as well as others you care about. The record addresses many of the nuanced challenges presented to folks suffering from depression and anxiety.

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