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New Album "Reliever" by William Prince in review

Canadian-based folk and country singer-songwriter, William Prince, releases his second album, Reliever. The 11-track album has a slow and easy feeling. It is definitely not an album to be listening to at a party, but rather at home having a night in from the cold winter. Prince has a deep, old soul voice. Personally, I see his songs being played in an old western-film. Each track in the album shares a powerful message in the lyrics.

Prince releases his sophomore album following his 2015 album, Earthly Days, after recording with Grammy-winning producer, Dave Cobb, who has been known to work with Chris Stapleton, Jason Isabell, and many more. The artist finds himself recording in the historic RCA studio A studio in the heart of downtown Nashville, where legends have recorded with Cobb among others.

Prince starts the album off with an instrumental, “The Spark,” and then moves onto guitar-based track, “Wasted.” “Always Have What We Had” is an emotional, heartfelt song that brings tears to the eyes. A happier but humble note, Prince sings “Old Souls,” is a personal favorite. Two tracks on this album that are absolute must listens are “Leave it by the Sea” and “Lighthouse,” in which are sentimental, heartfelt songs that sends chills down the spine as the emotional is strong, heavy, and raw. The tracks share a uniqueness that has never been heard before.

Reliever is an inspiring, moving album that may just resemble Prince sharing apart of himself that audience has never seen before. Each track shares its own challenge, in which gives the album a dark, but tender touch.

Written by Hannah Schaeffer


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