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Muireann Bradley's “I Kept These Old Blues”

This country musician is known for her incredible talent in performing Irish blues. Despite being only 17 years old, she has already accomplished a lot. She signed up with Tompkins Square when she was just 13 years old. Her musical influences include Rev Gary Davis, Blind Blake, and Mississippi John Hurt, and she is determined to achieve her dreams no matter what. Her album "I Kept These Old Blues" features 12 songs with a mix of blues and country and has received much positive feedback.


As we listen to the first song, we hear a fantastic upbeat plucking from the talented musician Muireann. The vocals on the track are crystal clear. Muireann explained that each track on the album was recorded live in the studio, representing a complete take, with her singing and backing herself up on guitar simultaneously. Most tracks were only the first or second takes. No overdubs or modern recording tricks were used. As a result, the album was recorded in the same way as classic records from the 1920s and 1930s. The song "Candyman" has an instrumental and chorus with a unique taste in metaphors. The lyrics go, "Candyman/Santa Claus/Candyman/fat and hot/Candyman/, been here and gone/I'd do anything in this god-almighty world just to keep my candy man home." From this, it's clear that the song's narrative is about keeping a lover and doing anything they can to make that happen.


In the songs "Police Dog Blues" and "Shake Sugaree," we can observe a noticeable progression from the catchy guitar plucking to the amazing soulful vocals, complemented by the eye-catching lyrics. The artist puts her unique spin on Blind Blake's 1929 classic, "Police Dog Blues," adding her flavor and style. Both songs feature intricate guitar work and emotionally charged vocals, creating a beautiful synergy that captivates the listener's attention. These songs are a testament to the artist's incredible talent and ability to breathe new life into classic tunes.


The level of talent displayed in this collection of 12 songs is nothing short of impressive. One song that particularly stands out is "I Kept These Old Blues," a captivating piece that appeals to just about anyone. "Buck Dancers Choice showcases the musician's exceptional abilities in smooth playing, great rhythm, and fingerpicking. Muireann has once again proven to be an incredibly talented artist, leaving listeners in awe of her musical talent.

Reviewed by Lauren Groff


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