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Mark Knopfler "One Deep River"

I hear a lot of people calling major artists overrated. I hear it mostly about the artists of today more often, but still I hear these accusations slung at artists such as AC/DC and Led Zeppelin despite my protests. However, one person I’ve never heard this slung at is Mark Knopfler. Part of this could be chalked up to his smaller but dedicated fanbase, but I believe that part of it is his pure talent. Nobody can argue with the guitar solo on “Sultans of Swing” or the catchiness of “Money For Nothing”. His praise from one of the best guitarists of the past century Chet Atkins also clearly displayed his virtuosity and versatility. All of these traits are shown on his most recent album “One Deep River”.

Despite all of Knopfler's technical skills, this album lets his softer side shine. The album features humble guitar parts that create a feeling rather than show off his blazing riffs. This can be seen on the second track “Ahead of the Game”. The main riff is not overly complicated, but perfectly complements the feel of the song, and in conjunction with the grooving drums and driving bass they create the perfect cushion for Knopfler's laid back vocals. This leads perfectly into the next track “Smart Money”. The relaxed, island style groove and “Smart Money” title shows how Knopfler has changed over the course of his career. Unlike his 80’s hit “Money For Nothing” suggests, Knopfler will probably be putting the profits from this album in savings rather than spending it on “Microwave ovens”. This song symbolizes a more easy-living era that Knopfler has entered. Even the heaviest track “Scavengers Yard” is still pretty low-intensity. Despite this, it is still incredibly funky and groovy.

Fans of Knopfler’s older discography should not be put off by this album. His sound is still clear as day, though it has evolved. “One Deep River’ is an album that’s easy to listen to yet is familiar to fans of Knopfler’s classic tracks. His musical sensibilities and skills are still clear in the music, and the sound that fans originally fell in love with is still present as ever. “One Deep River” is now available on all streaming platforms, and more information can be found at

Reviewed by Noah Rozzell


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