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King of this Town by Blackie & The Rodeo Kings (Album Review)

25 years of being together, rock/roots band Blackie & The Rodeo Kings release their 10th studio album, King of this Town. The band is formed of Canada’s talented artists Colin Linden, Stephen Fearing, and Tom Wilson. After many years together, the band has accumulated one Juno award and several nominations. The trio recently signed with Warner Music Canada which brought this new album and even stop in Nashville performing at the famous Ryman Auditorium.

King of this Town begins the 11-track album with the intense, “Hard Road,” in which gives a southern gospel touch to the album. Following the track is their hot single, “Cold 100,” that has a more upbeat tempo, rhythmic guitar, and a collaboration of all three voices. “Baby I’m your Devil” is a dark and powerful hit that sounds almost like a western. Giving the album some slow blues tones, “Walking on Our Grave,” delivers to the audience. A fun track, “Kick my Heart Around,” is a song that almost sounds like a beachy song. Moving along, “Medicine Hat,” which is more a rock genre track. The album ends on a gentle and slow note in “Grace,” where the track emphasizes more on the vocals and the smooth harmonica.

The album does a great job of involving all types of genres. Whether it is blues, rock, country, or gospel, the trio knows how to evolve and adapt with each track. Interesting enough, the three members originally each wanted their own solo career before forming in 1996. We are so glad that they decided to come together. Long live the kings.

Written by Hannah Schaeffer


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