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Jacob Miller and Rachel Fannan Team Up for Evocative Folk-Pop Single “Sacred Regard”

Progressive folk artist Jacob Miller and rock singer-songwriter Rachel Fannan have teamed up for a tender new single - “Sacred Regard” - releasing on September 3rd. Telling the story of a missed connection and a romantic “could-have-been”, “Sacred Regard” shows two hearts finding chemistry over wine and conversation.... eventually finding comfort in longing for the one night they had together. "Sometimes I come up with what I should have said at the moment months later when I'm writing a song about the person or situation,” says Fannan while speaking about her inspiration behind the song. “‘Sacred Regard’ is that look that falls over your face when the other persons not looking, and you're just tripping out on how beautiful they are." Miller also finds a sense of nostalgia in the single, one that he believes is relatable to a lot of people. “Between the vocal harmonies, verb-ed out guitar textures, and lost-love themes, this song holds true to elements of songwriting and storytelling that are hard to find in the modern-day," says Miller. Overall, “Sacred Regard” is a hauntingly sentimental tune that showcases both artists’ creative strengths in songwriting, storytelling, and creating captivatingly beautiful music. Both accomplished in their own rights, Fannan and Miller met in Portland, Oregon while Fannan was on tour with Canadian rock band Black Mountain. Miller, known as a featured performer on NBC’s The Voice (working with Nick Jonas and James Taylor) has toured internationally and found much success with his minimalist-pop-meets-americana-folk sound that is a timeless testament to his

unique voice, style, and abilities. Having been praised by the likes of PopMatters and American Standard Time as “a new force among progressive folk musicians”, the duet between himself and Fannan feels natural as “Sacred Regard” sees much of Miller’s influence in the soft musical stylings behind the haunting vocals. Fannan is not to be forgotten though, as she boasts her own success in the music industry as a female rocker and contributes powerful vocals to the track as well. Best known as the lead

vocalist of the band Only You, and formerly as co-lead vocalist of San Francisco psych-rockers Sleepy Sun, Fannan has also collaborated with UNKLE, progressive rock band Anywhere, and Canadian rock band Black Mountain. In addition to fronting Only You, Fannan also currently drums for the Russian feminist protest punk rock group Pussy Riot, embracing her own unique style of retro rock with a strong musical sense of confidence. Bringing the two together is a treat for listeners who seek to find a new

style of evocative folk-pop with a hint of rock that is only possible when fusing together the creative influences of artists of this caliber.

Wisconsin native Jacob Miller left his hometown for Portland, OR the summer of 2009 via Amtrak, bringing with him only a suitcase and an electric guitar. After one year in the city, he left to travel North America, both to study and perform music while working on various farms and ranches between travels. Time spent as a farmhand in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina shaped his devotion to the finger-picking style of the region. Spending countless hours playing alongside vintage recordings and local old-timers in the surrounding areas of Appalachia, Miller delved into the inner workings of the music’s style and history.

After 7 years leading a jazz sextet and performing both internationally and throughout North America, Miller now focuses his efforts on a different kind of songwriting and storytelling. Whether it be playing for thousands at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall or for 15 people in a Midwest living room, Jacob's passion, voice, and laid-back demeanor create an intimate connection with audiences far and wide.

With an affinity for minimalist pop and firm roots planted in American traditional music, Jacob Miller crafts a timeless sound unique to his voice, style and abilities.

In 2019, Jacob released and toured his debut record, This New Home, across America and Europe to much acclaim. In 2020, Miller was also a featured performer on NBC’s The Voice; working with Nick Jonas and James Taylor.

In 2022 Jacob will release his sophomore album, Around My Head. This album features the work of Craig Alvin (Kacey Musgraves, Brittany Howard), Charlie Porter (Grammy-winning composer/trumpeter), and a cast of PNW musicians. Around My Head will display Miller's abilities as a songwriter, performer, and producer.

About Rachel Fannan:

An American singer, songwriter, musician and poet from Los Angeles, California, Fannan made her musical debut in 2008, with the release of a solo album entitled Deeper Lurking, under the moniker Birds Fled from Me. Best known as the lead vocalist of the band Only You, and drummer for Russian feminist protest punk rock group Pussy Riot, Fannan has also collaborated as co-lead vocalist of San Francisco psych-rockers Sleepy Sun, UNKLE, progressive rock band Anywhere, and Canadian rock band Black

Mountain. As a solo artist, Fannan has shared the stage with prominent musicians such as Hunter Burgan, Carla Azar (Autolux), Rich Good (Psychedelic Furs), and Dash Hutton (Haim and Mini Mansions).

During and soon after leaving Sleepy Sun, Fannan recorded with British trip-hop duo UNKLE. Her first collaboration "Follow Me Down" is credited as a Sleepy Sun feature, but primarily features Fannan’s lyrics and melody. "Sunday Song", also featuring Fannan, was released as part of their Only the Lonely EP, and Where Did the Night Fall – Another Night Out album. Following a short stint supporting Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis, Fannan collaborated on the musical project Anywhere, which also included Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges) and Cedric Bixler-Zavala (The Mars Volta, At the Drive-In). Fannan sang lead vocals on their debut single "Dead Golden West" (Valley King Records,

November 2011) and on the song "Rosa Rugosa" on their self-titled debut Anywhere (ATP Recordings, 2012). In late 2012, she toured as keyboard player and backing vocalist for The Fresh & Onlys.

Meanwhile, Fannan was busy creating her own L.A. based retro rock band, Only You, featuring a rotating lineup of backing musicians. In early 2012, the band began performing as an all-female group, with Fannan being joined by bassist Micayla Grace (Bleached, Leopold and His Fiction), guitarist Cecilia Peruti (Gothic Tropic), and drummer Lia Braswell (Le Butcherettes). Only You released their first single "Applying Myself" through White Iris Records in October 2012. The b-side "Love Is Making Me Tired"

was featured as a Daily Download on Rolling Stone's website. In 2015 Fannan later released another single through a different label - Hit City U.S.A - as Only You, "Let Me Burn", the B-side to this was "The Pressure".

As of 2013, the Only You lineup features Fannan, backed by an all-male band, including lead guitarist Brandon Intelligator (Slang Chickens), Jeff Lynne (Wires on Fire), and Patrick Taylor (Ceremonies). Other musicians that have previously played with the group include Amy Aileen Wood, Jon Sortland (Cigar, Broken Bells), Rich Good (Kings & Queens, Psychedelic Furs), Evan Weiss (Slang Chickens, Wires on Fire), and Dash Hutton (Slang Chickens, Wires on Fire, Papa).

Photos courtesy of Dawn Jones | Pressed PR


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