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Ingrid Andress "Lady Like" In Review

I have to admit, I was pretty excited to get a chance to review Ingrid Andress’ new record “Lady Like.” I have seen her album bouncing around a lot and heard nothing but good things about it. American Songwriter heaped praises about it just a week or so ago and I must agree. This album is deep and covers a beautiful range of emotions. All with a slight snap of whit.

The album begins in what feels like an intentional dizzy range of genres flying at you. Strings float in like a classy 60’s country tune. After that comes Latin rhythm with a little pedal steel action. A few lines in she has sung about Trader Joes, cheap wine, and getting over a guy. What could be a weird journey feels so natural as Ingrid glides into a chorus about always listening to bad advice. “Life of the Party” is another tune that takes me for a ride. She tells a powerful story of a woman drinking and loving life. Yet somehow, she weaves into the song an impression that everything isn’t actually good. That’s what is so impressive. When an artist can convey a feeling clearly on the first listen before people have a chance to pick apart the lyrics then they are doing something right. I also need to put a plug in for “We’re Not Friends.” Such a beautiful song about a girl and guy who are more than simply friends. Somehow, she needs to tell this to the man who refuses to believe this. There is something haunting about this. The man in this relationship must know what he’s doing. By not committing to this relationship, he is saying far more about himself then she is.

This record is a beautiful exercise in excellent songwriter while bringing along themes and sounds that I typically associate with Pop. The sounds and content seem perfectly comfortable playing in the dorm of a 20 year old college girl. A Crosley record keeps spinning the album in the corner as the girl wrestles with boys not wanting to commit, drinking cheap wine, and trying to put on a good face at the weekend parties.

Written by Columbia Jones


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