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"Everything I Know About Love - Laufey"

The hopeless romantic studio album by Laufey was just released August 2022. Presenting thirteen tracks representing personal experiences and events from prior years. If you're new to the artist or genre in total, Laufey is a female icelandic singer-songwriter, whom produces jazz and/or jazz-pop music. She is highly known to compose a mix of jazz, bossa-nova and classical pop.

The album gives us thirteen songs in the classic jazz standard along with elements of her sophisticated harmonized vocabulary. Giving a soft/warm resonance. Upon the numerous songs in her album, one of the highly sought and highlighted tracks is "Fragile". The song explored the pure and tender moments she hared with a lover. Laufey herself described this songs origin through an acoustic rendition on her YouTube channel, "I grew up feeling very sensitive, fragile and this is kind of about some of my first encounters with somebody hammering at the box around me. You know, dealing with my fragility." The overall track is about her fragility in romance through life. The uncertainties of relationships and how sometimes we have to take chances, even if we feel fragile to it.

That is not the only heart-felt song contained in Laufey's album. two tracks into the album Laufey presents "Dear Soulmate." The song is built upon romantic possibilities and what is in the inevitable future. As you read, there seems to be a story-line and familiar subject throughout Laufey's album. Above all, a few relatable experiences we all have experienced or witnessed, just as Laufey had.

If you're into a modern - jazz genre, then Laufey is the go to artists and producer. Her latest and recent album "Everything I know About Love" is full of imaginable story-telling and realistic past, present and future personal self-awareness and based experiences. I would say Laufey is an Apricity "the warmth of the sun in winter" when it comes to her compositions and lyrical writing. If you have not done so already. You can stream Laufey's album on multiple platforms such as, Spotify and Apple music.

Written & Reviewed by Michelle Cook


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