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Deep South Symphony by Brian Grilli (Album Review)

Former United States, Navy Veteran from Lancing, Illinois, Brian Grilli, releases newest Spectra Music Group album, Deep South Symphony. After 16 years of service, Grilli can be found touring some of the biggest stages with country stars David Allen Coe, Brantley Gilbert and rockstars Cheap Trick and Styx, plus many more. In this 10-track album, Grilli shares a blend of country music and classic rock. Recorded in Nashville, TN in the Sound Kitchen Studio, Deep South Symphony is gaining incredible attention with skyrocketing up Billboard charts all across the world.

The album begins with record-titled track, “Deep Down Symphony,” in which became a personal favorite as it is a prime example of a country rock genre. Driving to work or dancing in a bar, this song fits a fun listen. Grilli slows the tempo down in second track, “Obsession,” where the classic rock come out a bit more than the country, but the lyrics are so emotional and deep. It was a great addition to the album. “Keep on Keepin’ on” is just another great song with the guitar solo and upbeat tempo and good time vibe to the track that just wants to jam out. This was the song that convinced me that I need to go see Grilli in concert. I thought the next track was going to be a slower, sad song due to the title, “unbroken,” but the song was rather a happy song with more of a lighter feeling and talented guitar play like many of the tracks. Though, the remaining of the tracks on the album are just as amazing, listening the album does more proof.

Grilli has an amazing voice and talent for music. The style of music he chooses to play pairs perfectly with what today’s audience wants to hear and what brings out his vocals the best. For not having heard about this artist before or any of his music, it has given me true inspiration to become a follower and find him on tour. Maybe we will catch him in Nashville sometime. Giving this album 5/5 rating and strongly recommending fans of rock and country music to listen.

Written by Hannah Schaeffer


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