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Come Along: Mac Gayden’s Soulful Surprise

During uncertainty in difficult times people will look for the moments that take them back to normality. These days, a little nostalgia resonates a long way for the masses who wish to relive those moments.

For many years, a mystery has lied underneath Nashville’s surface and has arisen to take others back in time. Legendary singer-songwriter Mac Gayden presents audiences with the wistfully induced album Come Along.

The man behind the timeless classic “Everlasting Love” injects listeners with sentimentally charged melodies and signature slide guitar suaveness. Gayden’s long awaited reappearance comes just in time for every raver to unite with heartstring lyrics leading the way.

A former collaborator to lyrical mastermind Bob Dylan, Gayden opens the album with the smooth-swinging title track. All the ebbs and flow that Gayden accumulated over the years as a songwriter is presented here. The dance-like mantra of “Come Along” invites listeners to escape their reality and travel to a better place. Its calm arrangement and play on words transition easily into the pop inspired track “Baby Slow Down”. The two blend elements for current and older generations to appreciate with a slick rhythm followed by electronic synths. All the while, Gayden combines both tracks with his innovative wah-wah slide guitar effects.

An avid yogi, Gayden shares a bit of his own soul in the sweet track “Sweet Soul Song”. The songwriter’s viewpoints on love and life are echoed through a crooning heartbreak. Simplicity and straight-forwardness set the lyrics of a relationship that’s finally ended. As the shift from a happy-go-lucky attitude disappears into a bittersweet melody, the story leaps into a new beginning. “Let it Rain” emphasizes Gayden’s approach on leaving the idea of hurt and pain in the past. Its soulful roots and Gospel-like choir climax into Gayden’s mastery of the slide guitar’s museful sound.

Personal threads and thought-provoking lifestyles are apparent throughout the album. The inclusion of Gayden’s own life experiences are stylized through the rhythm and melody. His vitality is showcased in the album’s highlight: “Cherokee Moon”. In a true-to-life roots setting, the singer takes listeners for a cruise in a very personified country backdrop. Through a symphonic sound, Gayden’s old school acoustic is outright modern in a soft approach. The memories of a slowed “Everlasting Love” are present as the singer pays homage to a classic. Gayden ropes an entirely acoustic version of the track without losing any potency later through the album.

Of course, stating that Gayden “knows what he’s doing” is a complete understatement. Coming from an incredible pedigree as a performer, the songwriter has played alongside phenomena. Elvis Presley, Leonard Cohen, Kris Kristofferson, Duane Allman and Simon & Garfunkel are just the few others to name-drop. Gayden doesn’t fail to express tribute to all his past influencers as their spirits soar tether each track. “Whisper to Me in the Morning” throws an Allman Brothers vibe complete with a ballad arrangement of southern swing. Mixed with the drone of a cello, the slide guitar glides each lyric into a plea for a loved one’s comfort. A warbling voice, provided by Gayden, blends into these elements to become unison with its message of healing.

In its entirety, the 11-track album brings the good times and the rough patches of life. All which prove to be appropriate for its timing of release. Gayden shows no fear in expressing his transcendental beliefs that become the bridge for every track. When fear and doubt take place during the album, Gayden washes them away with plenty of hope for the future. The deep heart of a modern-day troubadour is unearthed in the record that welcomes all generations—standing in unity.

Written by Trenton Luber


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