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Caitlyn Smith's New Album "Supernova"

When I think of a Supernova, I think of big, bombastic, and beautiful. I think that describes Caitlyn Smith’s new album perfectly. From the downbeat you know this album isn’t messing around.

Caitlyn’s voice tears through the mix with power taking no prisoners and leaving no questions. All around her, the production and instrumentation swirl elevating her to extraterrestrial heights.

First and foremost, this album has excellent songwriting. This what is to be expected when a talented artist and songwriter mingles with other hit songwriters. Caitlyn Smith is already an acclaimed songwriter in her own right and this second studio album reinforces that idea. You can’t fake a good song and there is no faking on this album. “Damn You for Breaking My Heart” is an excellent anthem but instead of dwelling in the sadness of heartbreak it rises above with a feel that the singer is moving on with her life. I couldn’t help but hear some Florence in the Machines come through in all the best ways. “Put Me Back Together” is another that stood out as it painted such a vivid story. I see a woman (or man for that matter) falling for the “wrong” person. The two of them waste time, do drugs, go star gazing, but seem to fit perfectly. I know many of us have had a relationship like that. It never seems to end well but that’s ok. This song doesn’t dwell on that and instead focuses on the beauty of those moments in life where you can let go.

“Supernova” has a prevailing theme throughout the record that makes you feel like you are drifting through space as stars explode and form around you. It is an amazing feat done by instrumentation and composition by adding just enough synth and cavernous drums. It is very anthemic and reminds me of so many Pop songs that attempt to be the next tune to be sung in High School halls by 14-year-old girls. Except this one doesn’t come across as contrived or fake. It seems so honest and hits you like a Supernova: powerful and beautiful.

Written by Columbia Jones


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