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Brandy Clark " Your Life Is a Record"

Brandy Clark follows 2016's Big Day in a Small Town, with a reflective 10-track album that’s ultimately about the end of her 15 year relationship. "Your Life is a Record" written after one of the worst heartbreaks of her life, the album showcases everything that Clark has felt in the last few years. From the 15-year break up, to the forming of a more vibrant than ever artist and she took us all alongside her journey through the best and worst of it all. “Your Life Is a Record” paints a more in depth look at her love life and all the emotions felt along the way.

Every song on this album is about heartache and overcoming those feelings we all know so well. The most recurring message on the track being, "Even if the love wasn't there for as long as you may have wanted at least there was love had." There is no doubt about that. The track that hits on this message the hardest is "I'll be your sad song", this song evokes the feeling of love lost and the one that got away.

She is a master storyteller, amidst Cutting her own path in this industry, she has done a lot of behind the scene work. She has written some lyrics for some very well known artists such as Miranda Lambert who sang Mama's Broken heart ", The Band Perry with " Better Dig Two", Kacey Musgraves sang " Biscuits" and several others along the way.

She also shows her comedic side in the song "Long Walk". A song about a middle-aged mean girl who has been doing her fair share of pointing fingers with dirty hands. She simply suggests in this song, that said mean girl take a long walk off a real short pier and take a cinder block with her as a souvenir. While this is dark humor it is easy to find yourself smiling constantly as you listen to this song.

It seems that by producing " Your Life Is a Record", It showcases Clarks dynamic force not only as a songwriter but as an artist as well. This should open the door for amazing things to come for her. We should be able to expect many more great things from her in this industry, only moving up.

Written by Heather Nettles


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