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Bob Green- Silver Screams for Silent Screens

Bob Green is an artist that you cannot put in a specific genre box. He has such a wide variety of music for everyone to enjoy! His newest album “Silver Screams for Silent Screens” will take you on a musical journey that will make you feel so many different emotions. These songs are all so unique, memorable and have meaningful lyrics behind them all. If you generally have a very open music palette then you will enjoy this album because it has a lot to offer.

The album starts off with a song called “Next Full Moon.” This song has strong rhythm guitar melody and melting harmonies from the vocals. It has a fun swing to it and the rhythm will have you moving your body from the first beat. It is about not wanting to lose someone in a relationship and not feeling good enough or worthy to be with them. Green sings to not give up on him and to give him a chance to become someone they deserve. It is a great way to open the album with such a fun melody and optimistic song.

“Blood and Water” is one of the catchiest songs off the album. It has a melody that you will instantly fall in love with and get stuck in your head. This pop style has a beat that will get your body moving. This song is about having your conscience be your guide and trusting your gut. That we make our own choices and create our own paths. That no matter where we come from and how we are brought up, we can always change and not be led astray by those who do not have our best interest in mind. This song will easily be at the top of your playlist because of its memorable melody.

This musical journey ends with songs called “Pirates Life” and “Drain You.” “Pirates Life” feels like you are on a ship sailing the seas with your fellow pirates joining them along in a sea shanty. The way the melody and beat flows in this song feels like you are riding along in the waves of the ocean. The calls of “Yo, Ho” throughout make us feel like we are one of the working pirates on the ship gathering the ropes and sailing across the ocean. The song ends perfectly with sounds of crashing waves to give that extra imagery to really feel like we are on that pirate ship. The last song on the album “Drain You” has unique harmonies and a strong guitar presence throughout the song. It is a good song to end with because it is more calming and less high energy than some other the other songs on the album. It talks about the toxic parts of relationships and draining the other person. That you can still really like them without even realizing what is happening.

Not too many artists can say that they are as diverse in the music industry as Bob Green. Most artist’s like to stick to one genre. Never really dipping their toe into creating other styles and genres of music, but Bob Green thrives and flourishes on doing exactly that. This shows how much creativity and musical knowledge that Green must have had gone into making this album. The album title is unique and it fits perfectly with what Bob Green is trying to showcase in his music. Do not wait and download “Silver Screams for Silent Screens” today!

Reviewed by Katie Melching


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