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Blame The Vain by Dwight Yoakam (Album Review)

Dwight Yoakam’s latest album “Blame the Vain” is classic country with an eclectic flare. Each track brings an unexpected style that is distinct from the earlier song. The sound of the album is a country music melting pot from voices such as Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, and Johnny Cash. Yoakam's vocals are strong and true to its genre, but also offer something unique that any country music fan would praise.

"Three Good Reasons" is the most standalone track because of the character of the vocals and the produced effects. Yoakam creates a lilt to his voice that is reminiscent to an old Elvis song, yet, it still fits perfectly into his classic country instrumentals. The songs "Watch Out" and "She'll Remember" create some memorable solo pieces in their composition. "Watch Out" starts out as an upbeat yet aggressively toned warning to "watch out" for a certain woman. Yet, in the middle of the tune, the setting changes into a sweet and sad ballad. As the song then returns to its original state, the listener is far from bored since this unexpected twist caught their attention.

"She'll Remember" is unique from any other track in that it begins with distorted speaking. The narrator seems to be talking about his anger towards a woman leaving him. This intro is accompanied by some heavy, lingering electric guitar diamonds. The rest of the song sounds almost as if it isn't connected to this intro at all, but instead moves into that familiar country- styled breakup tune. "Blame the Vain" is a piece of heaven for the rooted country music fanatic. Drive down a dirt road and blast these old-timey tracks or listen to a number to warm and match your soul when it feels the blues. Yoakman has given the world a golden and fresh country classic that you don't want to miss.

Written by Ellen Katherine Thweatt


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