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Bad For You by The Steeldrivers (Album Review)

Nashville-based, bluegrass band, The Steeldrivers, release most recent album, Bad For You. Currently, the band consists of members Tammy Rogers, Mike Fleming, Brent Truitt, Richard Bailey, and newest lead vocalist, Kelvin Damrell. The band has suffered a few set-backs before making this album after losing two talented lead front men, Chris Stapleton and Gary Nichols. Co-founder, Stapleton is clearly known for his solo career exploding and replaced by Nichols, whom left the band after seven years, in which he shares two albums and a Grammy win with The Steeldrivers.

After suffering from two major setbacks, the Steeldrivers are back in the studio with YouTube discovery, Kelvin Damrell, who debuts his voice in their newest album. Damrell is basically a Stapleton prodigy, as their voices are extremely similar. You can start by hearing the similarities in premiere song and album-titled track, “Bad For You,” in which starts the bluegrass album with more of a southern rock tone. “Falling Man” is a slower but powerful track in which displays Damrell’s talent to sing with absolute raw emotion. This sort of passionate performance can also be found in track, “Innocent Man,” which is followed by instrumental song, “Mama Says No.” Each track of the album shares a strong musical sense with the variety of instruments the band incorporates with the mix of Damrell’s lead voice with a touch of Roger’s vocals in a couple of the tracks. Personal favorites, “Glad I’m Gone” and “Lonely and Being Alone,” had a unique difference from the other tracks.

Despite the challenges the band has endured, The Steeldrivers still manage to deliver a remarkable album. Though Stapleton is no longer with the band, fans of his solo music may want to take a listen as Damrell has filled the shoes of his place in an unforeseen way.

Written by Hannah Schaeffer


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