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Ashley McBryde's "Never Will"

Ashley McBryde’s newest album Never Will is a powerful masterpiece. There aren’t many folks who can deny the talent and genuineness she brings to country music. She’s made one heck of a name for herself since her presence hit the big stage. Kicking off the album is “Hang in There Girl” which makes a connection with many people who’ve experienced dissatisfaction of their current lives. The song gives hope that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’ll be alright eventually if you let the storm pass.

The second track “One Night Standards” was a bit heartbreaking to me, because she talks about the lack of passion and intimacy you can experience with someone. It made me feel grateful for my significant other and how lucky I am to feel special and loved. She brought attitude and some fire to a few songs such as “Voodoo Doll” and “Martha Divine”. Both tracks consisted of powerful lyrics and a rockin’ tune. In the sixth track “Sparrow”, she talks about missing home after making it big. The highs of being in the position she’s in can sometimes make her feel the need to get back to her roots. The eighth track “Velvet Red”, reminded me of a prime classic Tanya Tucker sound, a great tune with some down-home soul. Debatably, the best song on the album is its title, “Never Will”. A very inspiring song that outlines her journey to where she is now in her career. Part of how she became successful is the fact that she didn’t pay any mind to those who doubted her. She refused to let others opinions step in the way of her dream.

What stuck out to me throughout this album was her classic country sound, shying away from a modern pop sound of today’s mainstream country. She seemed to hit each era which impressed me greatly because you don’t see that every day. Paired with her relatable lyrics, there’s no doubt this album hit home to so many out there. Reiterating what I said earlier, hats off to Ashley McBryde for the work she’s put into Never Will. I recommend this album to every country music fan out there, it’s truly a work of art.

Written by Anthony Szula


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