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Andrew Farriss Joins 1 Billion Stream Club With Dua Lipa's "Break My Heart"

Prolific country, rock, and Americana musician and INXS co-founder Andrew Farriss continues to make a major impact on the music industry, this time as a songwriter. Pop star Dua Lipa's single "Break My Heart", which is based on the 1987 INXS number one hit "Need You Tonight", reached over 1 billion total streams across all platforms. This milestone has given Farriss a spot on the new APRA billion streams list, an innovative honor that recognizes Australian songwriters whose works have reached at least 1 billion combined streams across all digital platforms. "As a songwriter, I feel very fortunate to be presented an award recognising my writing contribution towards a billion streams of 'Break My Heart' by Dua Lipa," shares Farriss. "Thank you to everyone who has enabled and supported this." Farriss might primarily be credited for the inescapably catchy melody from "Need You Tonight", but his lyrical influence is plain to see as well. Both hits center around the inescapable grip of love, a feeling that we can all relate to. Whether it's 1987 or 2021, that burning passion never goes away. This monumental achievement is just another example of Farriss' talent for writing classic songs which stand the test of time. Songwriting is a gift that Farriss continues to use today, releasing his debut self-titled solo album earlier this year. His latest single, "Drifting", is certainly even more impactful now. The song describes Farriss' journey finding his place in a world that is constantly changing around him. By earning his spot on the APRA billion streams list, Andrew Farriss has proven that one thing will always remain the same: his songs will be with us every step of the way. Listen/Stream/Buy "Drifting" HERE. For more information and everything Andrew Farriss, please visit

About Andrew Farriss: Andrew Farriss is a creative, versatile, award-winning artist embarking on an adventure to present his individual talents to the world. Not only did Farriss co-found the iconic INXS mentioned above, but he was also the main songwriter, played the keyboard and guitar, and sang backup vocals for the band. His hard work has paid off as the group went on to be nominated for Grammy, Brit, MTV Music, and ARIA Awards. He alone won producer of the year at the ARIA Awards and has written songs for various albums that have gone triple platinum. Native to Tamworth Australia, Farriss now splits his time between his home country and Nashville, Tennessee. Farriss frequents the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and makes a highly anticipated yearly appearance at Tamworth's Country Music Festival in Australia. Nothing can stop Farriss's creativity and this album is a roadmap of the numerous feats he has achieved.


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