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American Singer-Songwriter Rusty Gear Talks New Album "Delivery Man"

Q: We caught up with American singer-songwriter Rusty Gear to discuss his latest project and upcoming album “Delivery Man.” Rusty thanks for taking time out to talk with Roots Magazine.

A: My pleasure.

Q: It’s a great sounding record. Can you tell us a little about your style and process with this album?

A: Thank you. My music covers a broad swath of Americana, country, blues and Southern Rock. My process is to write the songs on guitar and make simple demos in my home studio (above the garage). The record was cut in Nashville with Brad Hill producing. I am lucky to have great session players to create the beautiful instrument tracks you hear on the record. I sing all the lead vocals and most of the background vocals on this record.

Q: How does this album differ from your last one, “Out and Runnin’ Round”?

A: Delivery Man is more contemporary Americana, with some ballads, like Gold on the Horizon and We Know Too Much, and rockers, like Delivery Man and Over the Pass. Out and Runnin Round is more of a bluesy rocker with members of the famed Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section providing their signature grooves.

Q: Growing up what were some of your artist influences?

A: We loved the guitar legends, like The Allman Brothers and Eric Clapton, and the killer vocal harmonies from Crosby Still & Nash, The Eagles and Poco.

Q: On your last record, “Check in Check Out Blues” featured Calamity Jane. Any guest singers on the new album?

A: We have the wonderful Nashville artist Janelle Arthur singing backing vocals on We Know Too Much and Over the Pass. I have another EP in the works featuring vocals by Bekka Bramlett, an amazing singer who has performed with Fleetwood Mac, Vince Gill and others.

Q: Your new single out now called “Gold on the Horizon” is a great song. It sounds reminiscent to an Eagles song to me. Can you tell us a little background behind that song and why was it chosen as a single among others first?

A: Thanks. When I wrote the song I thought it sounded stylistically a little like John Mayer, but the instrument track came together with a very chill groove to it and Brad and I were immediately excited on the evening we cut it. We put a lot of effort into getting the right harmonies and got consistently positive feedback on the final product, so we are leading with it on streaming platforms.

Q: Did you always want to be a musician? Any other careers ever interest you growing up?

A: I have been playing and singing since I was 12 years old and always loved music. I have had many other jobs over the years to pay the bills. I only started writing original music four years ago and have dug into it pretty hard, releasing 5 EPS in the last three years and really enjoying it.

Q: Is there an artist you are looking forward to sharing the stage with one day or have you already accomplished this with an icon of yours?

A: I am a huge fan of the Tedeschi Trucks Band and it would be an honor to open for them. We played a festival a few years ago and went on before The Beach Boys. That was pretty cool!

Q: How has the Covid-19 pandemic made you adjust to how you share your music with your fans? Are you doing living room concerts or web performances?

A: I have a live stream in progress for Jersey Shore Country radio and, thankfully, we are performing live again. Last year we rehearsed outdoors in my driveway and played for friends and neighbors and have done several shows at an outdoor venue. I can tell you the audiences are really happy to hear live music again and it has given us a chance to play songs from my last couple of records for the first time in public.

Q: Your new album “Delivery Man” is coming out soon. Can you tell us when we can expect it?

A: Gold on the Horizon and Over the Pass are on streaming platforms now and the song Delivery Man will hit on 6/29, with others to follow in the coming weeks, all to take advantage of Spotify marketing programs. The full CD is available in digital form now to internet and terrestrial radio and physical CDs drop in about three weeks.

Make sure you check out Rusty Gear coming to a town near you and pick up his latest single “Gold on the Horizon” available now at iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Visit his website at and follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for speaking with us today and best of luck with the new album! We’ll catch up with you again down the road!

A: Thank you very much.

Interviewer: John Allen


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