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Cross the Line – Sandy McLelland

His new album ‘Cross the Line’ is unashamedly rooted in the American country, blues, folk and soul music he absorbed in his early days in Glasgow. Often full and vibrant, sometimes achingly bare and personal, Sandy is capable and comfortable across many, diverse, musical styles, always with a highly personal core.

Throughout a long and respected music career Sandy has contributed to the artistic achievements off numerous artists and projects all over the world. His early days saw him work with the humblest of new pop artists such as Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry and Bros, through to established international stars like Paul McCartney & Tears For Fears. He is a 3 times Grammy nominee and has won awards around the world. He has written and produced music for Latin artists, significantly Spanish legend Miguel Bose with whom he achieved a series of chart topping albums, changing the landscape of contemporary Latin music along the way.

Over many years Sandy has also quietly built a reputation as a significant composer and music producer in the world of film. He spent some time working in Hollywood, on the score for the Davinci Code and he has contributed significantly to some outstanding world cinema, notably Francis Ford Coppola’s far eastern epic Suryothai, winning a Thai Oscar for his music in the film Prom Piram, he also wrote and produced the score of the best ever selling British independent DVD, Rise of the Footsoldier.

'Cross the Line' was entirely written, performed and produced by Sandy McLelland. A set of songs as deeply personal, as they are universal, brought vividly to life by one of the UK's finest singers. You can catch him live solo or with his band across the UK at venues and festivals this Autumn.

Sandy says, “The aim of my music is to be simple and direct. Some of it is inspired by half truths,

remembrances, and an imagination which keeps me awake most nights. Much of it entirely rooted in personal circumstance.”

“I have been fortunate, able to have carved a living from doing something I truly love, something I would have done anyway. There’s no way out for me even if I wanted it. My music inhabits me in the deepest way.”

“This music’ represents the culmination of a lifetimes; work and living.”

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