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Trent Harmon "You Got 'Em All"

Trent Harmon, well known for winning the fifteenth season of American Idol, has won again but this time with a new country, pop album You Got ‘Em All.

Trent’s vocal range is something of legend which is why he won so many people over as a contestant and will continue to gain even more fans after this album release. The theme of You Got ‘Em All is heartbreak, which makes for a very personal look inside Trent’s soul. Because most of the songs are about love, the passion resonates in his voice tremendously.

The title track and first song on the album explains that all Trent’s better days are gone and “You Got ‘Em All.” What makes this song special is the relatable lyrics such as looking for an ex’s car in every parking lot. The next track “There’s a Girl” explains the reason why a man does anything. Trent knows there is a lot going on in the world right now but enlightens us to the fact that there is nothing that love can’t get us through on his song “Hold On.”

Hard drum beats and a superb range of vocals make the song “Her” stand out on this album full of hits. “Cause I do” is a romantic ballad with a heartfelt guitar solo that asks questions such as do you miss your exit when our song comes on. Trent Harmon does a unique cover of Sia’s “Chandelier.” It is a slower version and is a perfect closer for this artistic collection of tunes. Trent’s lingering vocals are marvelous and his stories from the heart are what makes You Got ‘Em All a must listen this summer.

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