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Brent Cobb "Providence Canyon"

Brent Cobb has an impressive career, amazing hair, and an immaculate new album Providence Canyon.

Starting his music career from a very young age, Brent always had connections to music. His father was in a rock band and his cousin Dave Cobb, legendary producer, helped him get his start in the music business. Since then Brent has written songs for well-known artists such as Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert.

Providence Canyon is a deep, country album that brings the listener through a scenic journey inside the imaginative mind of Brent Cobb. “King of Alabama” highlights his songwriting abilities and spotlights the smooth guitar riffs. Cobb knows it is a shame to be self-proclaimed free which is my favorite line off a lighter, beachy “Come Home Soon.” The next track entitled “Sucker For A Good Time” has a more blues vibe with a rock and roll solo. Cobb’s voice on “High in The Country” resembles that of the lead singer of Everlast, Erik Schrody, and features a tale about being down with both devils and angels.

On the back end of the album “Lorene” is a short, soft tune asking a woman to chase her dreams. “Ain’t A Road Too Long” has Brent changing up his vocals in a unique way while an upbeat instrumental frenzy bangs along in the background. Providence Canyon is sure to resonate well with all sorts of listeners. Encompassing bluegrass and country in a creative way this album deserves to be heard or to be played on repeat for the rest of the summer.

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