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Caroline Jones "Bare Feet"

Caroline Jones is a future star and you can tell from her impressive, first studio album Bare Feet. Her current tour with Jimmy Buffet and 2017 tour with Zac Brown Band has propelled her in to the country music spotlight.

What sets Caroline apart is her musicianship and distinct style. She plays all of the instruments on this debut album besides the drums, which includes an impressive blend of banjo, guitar, keys, and more. This genre-bending album starts with “The Difference” an upbeat story from the soul with a light country mood.

The most popular song and title track of the record “Bare Feet” is about a lot of things such as finding your footing, and running the world, but most importantly its about being down to earth and true to yourself. “Worth the Wait” is about a patient type of love and features a unique blend of banjo and guitar. “YOUR HEART IS MINE” is the most pop track on the album making for a fun, ringing chorus. Every time I leave Florida, which is Caroline’s home state, I tend to take a mental picture of the beautiful scenery and replay that feeling in my mind whenever I am walking to class in the snow or other unfavorable activities.

“Sunshine” is about holding on to that vision so that you may feel the sun even in the rain. The album finishes with a cover of “Brown Eyed Girl” that she has morphed into her own by slowing it down and playing more subtle instruments. With a lot of pop and country mixed in Caroline’s music there will be many comparisons to Taylor Swift, but Jones bring a unique aspect to this genre combination. It may be the banjo and folk music sound or the Jimmy Buffet inspired beach feeling but whatever it is Caroline Jones has created a new age masterpiece with her groundbreaking, debut album Bare Feet.

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