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Ashley Monroe "Sparrow"

The pure artist shines through in Ashley Monroe’s twinkling new album Sparrow. From a young age Ashley was performing and creating music, leading up to an impressive career as a songwriter and musician. She formed the group Pistol Annie’s and has sung a famous duet with Blake Shelton titled “Lonely Tonight.” The first track “Orphan” has many euphemisms about nature and being alone. It also embraces an impressive violin harmony that resembles Lindsey Stirling. “Hard on a Heart” is a song about heartbreak and falling in love just to lose it again. It features a memorable chorus over a light instrumental background.

The most popular track on the album “Hands on You” showcases an indescribable sound that you will have to hear for yourself. Throbbing guitar sounds and wavy vocals are what make this one a fan favorite. “Wild Love” is another violin heavy tune where Monroe’s vocal range is brilliant. Sometimes we seem to care more about someone after we break up. Ashley Monroe somehow captures this feeling on a slower, rolling song entitled “Paying Attention.” Ashley’s father died when she was only ten years old and “Daddy I Told You” seems to be about telling her deceased father that she has finally made her dreams come true.

They shared a special bond and were very similar when it came to music and chasing after what they want. Sparrow is an extremely versatile album suited for many listeners. Ashley Monroe’s overall career speaks for itself and this new solo album is one for the books.

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