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Brothers Osborne "Port Saint Joe"

Brothers Osborne has conquered an amazing feat of musicianship with their new album Port Saint Joe. Ever since the two brothers played for friends and family in their Maryland shed growing up people recognized their talent and chemistry.

John and TJ have since moved to no other than the country music capital of the world Nashville, Tennessee. Port Saint Joe blends unbelievable guitar riffs with smooth country vocals and adds a dash of rock ‘n’ roll. From the first song “Slow Your Roll” you will be hooked.

Sung in a deep, soft voice, this one is about taking a break from the rat race. They even take it down a notch in the song to highlight a superb instrumental interlude. “Shoot Me Straight” compares whiskey to heartbreak and features a unique assortment of cymbals, keyboard, and guitar. Brothers Osborne gets stoned for survival and stacks bottles to the ceiling on their next song “Weed, Whiskey and Willie.” Tequila and women have a lot in common like the bittersweet buzz which is why Brothers Osborne has created the perfect beach mood with “Tequila Again.” “Drank Like Hank” has a rock vibe and as I am sure you could guess, is about a crazy night and the hangover that comes with it.

Have you ever known someone was bad for you but went along with it anyways? John and TJ have and tell you their story on a wavy track entitled “A Little Bit Trouble.” This creative album finishes with “While You Still Can,” which is about a lot of things including making amends and calling your mom, but the most important part is that who you are is about what you do. So make sure you grab Port Saint Joe, the new gem from Brothers Osborne.

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