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Americana Made Volume 1

Americana Made Vol. 1 showcases a wide range of extraordinarily talented folk musicians. Spectra music group did an astounding job of bringing in a line-up filled with unique sounds that complement the overall feel of this classic Americana album. Jacob Needham and the Blue Trees open up with a reminiscent song that boasts a superb high-pitched guitar solo.

The next song is a beautiful man and woman duet by Blue Honey. This track entitled “Wherever you are” has a deep country feel and perfect vocals that match the theme of the song which is missing your significant other.

Next is Big Virginia Sky’s song “Southbound” that has a way of building up the beat and making the listener inspired to travel but never forget to come back home. The Crane Wives not only have a unique name but they also have a very unique sound on “Sleeping Giants.” The Crane wives incorporate bongo drums into this upbeat song with interesting vocals making it one of my favorites on the album. The next song "Mercy" by Junkyardfieldtrip is definitely a memorable one to say the least. I see why it was added to this compilation as the vocals and mood of the song help make the album stand out. Jason Lee McKinney Band has found a good time feeling with the song “Lie just Right.” It is a jiggy little vibe that has disco-like vocals and a perfect fade-away ending. “Will McCain” has seen a lot of bad things and done a lot of bad things and Forty Mile Detour will tell you all about it on this hit record.

The Traveling ones have crafted “Wildfire Heart” which is violin and piano heavy and will leave you humming right along. Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls can really jam out and do so on “Devil Ain’t Talkin” which has a southwestern feel and a shout-back chorus. I am sure that The Alpine Camp’s “Regrets of a Cosmic Mountaineer” was meticulously selected to be the last song because it is the perfect closer and leaves the listener floating into a musical bliss. Because every song on the album is a different artist, listeners will get to hear new up-and-comers as well as some fan favorites in the recent Americana scene. Every song on the album deserves recognition so make sure to get it soon. Thank you to Spectra Music Group for creating this masterpiece for all of the fans of life-changing music.

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