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Kacey Musgraves "Golden Hour"

For anybody who is unfamiliar with Kacey Musgraves, she has been challenging country music lyrics since she first emerged on the country radio seen in 2013. Her old country, meets bohemian vibes, and progressive lyrics have not been every new country radio enthusiast cup of tea.

However, with her “mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy” attitude she pushes through making country music as her true artistic self.

This is Musgraves’ fourth album (one including a Christmas album) and proves to have a different vibe than the others, but in a great way. Kacey shows more musical progression by incorporating Bee Gees/ disco inspirations, pulsating drums, and synth- pop shimmer all while still being considered country radio hits.

Some of my personal favorites on the album include “Lonely Weekend”, “Space Cowboy”, “Wonder Woman”, and “High Horse”. “Lonely Weekend” with its funky pop influence is about a weekend after a break up referencing “it’s a lonely weekend without you,” “guess everybody else is out tonight, guess I’m hanging by myself” and saying “if my sister lived in town, I know we’d be doin’ something fun, I keep looking at my phone, puttin’ it back down there’s a little part of me that’s got the fear of missin’ out.” As somebody who just moved to Nashville by myself those lyrics really hit home for me, and are part of why this song is a personal favorite of mine.

Despite the name “Space Cowboy” is quite the modern romance anthem. Have you noticed that millennial men really have a thing for space, or freedom these days? Yeah that’s what this song is about. Leaving women to say “I know my place, and it aint with you. Sunsets fade, and love does too… So, you can have your space.” Mirroring “Space Cowboy,” “Wonder Woman” references that woman can do a lot if they want to but they can’t “lasso the love out of you.” While “High Horse” speaks to that one person “everyone knows someone who knows someone who thinks they’re cooler than everybody else.” All while maintaining a fun and upbeat Bee Gees sound, making it a fun personal favorite of mine.

The entire album reflects Kacey’s low- key vibe and will remind you that new country music isn’t all trucks and country boys. There are real feelings and emotions about very modern themes.

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