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Dean Owens "Southern Wind"

To follow up with ‘Into The Sea’, Dean Owens has come back with a new album titled, “Southern Wind”. Owens made his way to Nashville to work with Neilson Hubbard.

Hubbard is well known in Nashville for writing songs, and producing great albums. Will Kimbrough joined in on the songwriting to assist in making the lyrics personal, meaningful, and well rounded.

Together they produced tracks on the album which led “Southern Wind” to having a successful release.

“Southern Wind” carefully and beautifully mixes Owens’ personal songwriting ability with Nashville’s musicians, creating an Americana feel that have fans falling in love.

Experience is what this album has to offer. “Southern Wind” brings a sense of maturity and depth that will make you feel a variety of emotions. ‘Louisville Lip’ and ‘Madeira Street’ are two of the songs that come to mind when I want to relive memories. They both bring a sense of nostalgia to the table. After listening to these two songs, it was clear that the lyrics are very personal to Owens. I believe that fans can tell when lyrics are from the heart, and Owens has proved this to be true.

Some may be familiar with the track ‘The Last Song’ as Owens tested the waters with it at pre-release shows to enhance the crowd interaction. This is a song that you would want to play on the jukebox at your favorite pub, as it gives off a rocker vibe. The next song that comes to mind is the album titled, ‘Southern Wind’. As mentioned, Dean Owens made his way to Nashville to partner with Hubbard and Kimbrough. In this song, you can tell what an impact the Nashville environment and atmosphere had on the album.

If you are looking for a song that is heavy on your heart, check out the 4th track on the album, ‘When the Whisky’s Not Enough’. Owens vocal presence really adds to the weight of the song, making it one that you will put on repeat. Dean Owens makes it possible to feel a variety of emotions all within one album. Whether you are rocking out to the opening segment of “Southern Wind”, or slowing it down with ‘Love Prevails’ and ‘No Way Around It’, I can guarantee that you will be wanting more of Owens talent. Owens makes music that gives you hope and something to believe in.

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