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6 String Drag "Top of the World"

6 String Drag is one of the most viable Alt-Country/Americana bands today. The band split up after their second album High Hat, but thankfully reunited in 2015. The band released a reunion album, "Roots Rock N’ Roll" which had the fans going crazy. Following Roots Rock N’ Roll, 6 String Drag just released another album, Top of the World. This album is the band’s best work yet.

With 6 String Drag being so diverse in their music and especially this album, it makes it hard to pick a favorite track.

However, my personal favorite song from Top of the World would have to be the opening song, “Never Turn My Back On You Again.” Ten seconds into this pop-country song and I know that I will have this track on repeat. At least I thought I would have this song on repeat, but it turns out that I will have the entire album on repeat.

6 String Drag has such a unique sound that you can expect to hear many different styles of music in this one album. Top of the World takes the elements of the band’s music and elaborates on them. For example, the opening track on the album “Never Turn My Back On You Again”, gives off that country twang that we are used to seeing with 6 String Drag. Whereas, “Small Town Punks” shows off the band’s original punk-spirited sound. Just when you think you have heard it all, you can hear some Tom Petty influence on the track “Every Time She Walks On By” as it carries out a more rock show vibe.

As artists it is essential to maintain a loyal fan base. For 6 String Drag to be able to take a break from music and then be able to come back to the music industry with more fans than ever says a lot about who they are as a band. I believe that by being so diverse and adventurous with their music, is what sets them apart from the other bands. I look forward to seeing Top of the World grow in success, as well as, hearing more music from 6 String Drag in the future.

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