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Caleb Caudle “Crushed Coins”

This album uses such smooth, crystal clear transitions, delivering with gentle vocals and finishing with a calming approach to show off his strength and fearlessness. This is something that is not easily mastered overnight.

However, with a reigning history of releasing great heartfelt music, it’s hard not to associate nothing but greatness from Caleb Caudle. Everything means something, every song from the beginning to the end. As he remains to be one of country music guru’s, consistently ranking in the top 10 country artist that you should know, posted by the Rolling Stone in April 2017, I’d say he is a pretty big deal!

With songs like “Crushed Coins, solidifying the album even more, he truthfully acknowledges the growing pains of life. As the chorus sings in repetition “There’s no laughter in the house” there is a realization of the real emptiness that overcomes you after the loss of someone. The upbeat melody carries the song and gives a sense of hope to a “broken hearted” tune, despite how pain tries to trick us sometimes. As an artist, providing hope to the audience is so important and essential, we as the fans will always remember how this song made us feel and most importantly how it made us heal.

There is a real healing power within this album, as Caudle pours his all into each song revealing real emotions, with songs like “Madelyn”, as it’s filled with much truth and questions. It sings “Remember when we played to win? Now we’re trying not to lose, Time’s a river running slow, I believe you either leave or you’re left behind to rust, Time takes and breaks our trust.” While he carefully says these words, it inspires you to take a gander into yourself and critique your actions on which role you play in your relationships and friendships. Acknowledging how much strength it requires for you to be just as strong for others in a time of need. As the song ends, the repeated harmonious echoes lure you closer and closer.

It is quite obvious that Caudle carefully mastered this beautiful masterpiece, from the first song of the album “Lost Without You”, to the very last song “Until It’s Over”. Both songs greatly complimenting each other by using both titles of the song in the actual lyrics, as he sings “Until it’s over, I’m lost without you” allowing his creative ability of word play to shine through. Caleb Caudle’s music isn’t just for anybody, it is perfectly crafted for those who seek a deeper meaning behind the madness and as he continues to torch the charts, having actual “Crushed Coins” is not something this artist should ever have to worry about.. anytime soon.

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