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Chris Young "Losing Sleep"

Ever since Chris Young stepped foot onto the Nashville Star stage and sang the most incredible original song, “Drinkin’ Me Lonely,” I knew he’d have a career in country music for many years to come.

In 2006 on the fourth season of Nashville Star he walked away a winner. What’s even more incredible is that the win earned him a contract with RCA Records Nashville and 7 albums later he’s still knocking out hits and nailing every single note on his latest release ‘Losing Sleep.’ This album showcases Chris Young’s ability to pack a punch with some powerhouse vocals.

The thing about Chris Young from the beginning is that he can take any song and sing it in a way that gives you goosebumps from head to toe. A pure example of his talent is when he covers songs like from the late great Keith Whitley and does it complete justice and honor with his display of vocal talent with the uttermost respect towards the song and artist. This album showcases nothing less of Chris’ way to take the listener to another level by drawing them in not only with his vocals but the way he can take each song to a deeper, purer, more emotional level that draws them in until the last note is sung. There are so many hidden gems on this album that showcase the range Chris has in his vocals such as “Holiday,” which reminded me just how much his voice takes you to another place, it draws you away into another world, another place, another time, a time of the late and greats of country music past. He’s one of the artists that with the first note just proves he’s meant to do this for a living.

The music and vocals make an impact on your ears, your heart, and your soul. Two other gems I’ve found to showcase the incredible ability Chris has to tell a story through a song is “Radio and the Rain,” which takes you by storm, literally and becomes this sexy masterpiece. Probably one of my favorite songs on this whole album is “Where I Go When I Drink,” with the piano and his vocals which is all this song needed. Chris Young is an artist that doesn’t need a huge production to encompass the talent he has. He’s one of the artists who can release an acoustic album, or have an acoustic show and you’ve gotten your money’s worth. I’m proud to have followed Chris Young’s career from the very beginning who has proved he indeed is a Nashville Star and in my opinion is one of the most underrated artists in this business.

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