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Codie Prevost "Radio"

What did I just listen to? Oh, that’s right Codie Prevost’s new album “Radio”! This entire album is incredible. From the first song to the last, you get a feeling of nostalgia. If you had to listen to one album on repeat for the rest of the summer, it better be “Radio,” because these tracks will never get old.

“Radio” is Prevost’s most personal work yet. He does an extraordinary job of taking your emotions and shaking them around. This album is more than one giant story, it is a multitude of experiences.

Prevost outdid himself on this album by bringing together a few different genres. For example, Loudmouths is a song that has more of an alternative rock/country feel. Whereas, Take It Out On Me gives you more of a pop country feel. It takes talent to be able to maintain a fan base that is open-minded to all styles of music and Prevost has done just that.

Not only is Codie Prevost’s music brilliant, but his songwriting is outstanding. Each song makes you feel like you are telling a story, or better yet reliving an experience. Trying to choose a personal favorite off of this album is rather difficult. However, I believe it will have to be Old Clock Radio. While listening to this track, I could not help but think back on some of my most valued memories growing up. The song starts off with lyrics that flood you with memories.

“Old clock radio on the shelf, you’re a piece of my life I could never sell

All the stories you could tell, old clock radio on the shelf

Old clock radio remember when, that first time that I tuned you in,

I heard those steel guitar strings bend

old clock radio remember when”

If that impressed you, wait until you hear the rest of the album. I predict Prevost’s album “Radio” to be a chart topper. I cannot wait to be outside by the grill this summer jamming out to this new album. Hats off to Codie Prevost, I am a fan.

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