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Margo Price "All American Made"

Margo Price does it again! Price’s second album, All American Made, shifts her focus to a more political standpoint, yet it executes the classic country that we have all been known to love.

It is refreshing to hear lyrics that do not fall victim to today’s society. The songs “Heart of America” and “Pay Gap” touch on a controversial matter that hits home to many today, but do not worry Margo Price does not hold back.

She brilliantly, carefully, and creatively delivers a directive that holds to a new level of distinction. Along with Price’s creative lyrics, are the impressive acoustics. Again, sticking to that classic country sound, is what Price is doing best. No matter which resonant track you listen to on the album, you will get a sense of rejuvenation and empowerment-even if the song is a more serious tune. That is impressive! From every lyric and strum of the guitar, this album was pieced together carefully and perfectly.

Price has delivered a well thought out album that is capturing that hearts and growing her fanbase today. Every once in a while it is good to be reminded of the world that we are living in and the realities that are being faced everyday. All American Made is filled with honesty and sincerity that generates emotions that not every artist can successfully do. I would encourage anyone that needs a reminder of the different paths being walked everyday to listen to Price’s newest album. My personal favorite song off of the album is “Learning to Lose” featuring Willie Nelson.

Price and Nelson create a consonance that touches all emotions. Being able to carry out a somber message and deliver it in a way that is still tranquil takes talent. This pair could not have been better matched. I hope to see more of this in the future. Altogether, Price’s latest album, All American Made, is both relevant and subversive; making it pressing for the future.

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