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Carly Pearce “Every Little Thing”

Carly Pearce’s debut album “Every Little Thing” boasts clever lyrics, head-bobbing grooves, and just the right amount of grit.

The Kentucky born singer-songwriter opens the album with “Hide the Wine,” a crafty earworm that turns the classic hook-up song on its head. “Turn up the lights and kill the mood,” Pearce sings in her full, melodic voice. It’s the perfect song to kick off an album roaring with character. The album delves smoothly into all-too-familiar heartbreak, but Pearce brings a fresh voice to a pretty popular subject.

Her title track “Every Little Thing” is a sorrowful and reminiscent tune, an anthem for those of us who can’t help but cling to the details of our lost love. The bright piano complements Pearce’s rich melody and adds to the depth of emotion this song evokes.

Just as we’re about to open the liquor cabinet and start licking our old wounds, Pearce swings us back into an upbeat mood with the gritty, rocking “Everybody Gonna Talk” and the bluesy “Catch Fire.” “I Need A Ride Home” tugs at heartstrings with nostalgia and familiar images of hometown back roads, and “Feel Somethin’” gives us a taste of pop with an addictive, pulsing rhythm. The album closes with the playful, feel-good “Dare Ya.”

Pearce’s album just begs to be the soundtrack of your muggy summer nights with the windows rolled down. So give it a listen. I dare ya.

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